Thank you so much for your donations and may God Bless!

Please spread the word about Onyx Powerful News Show. This is where you funds will be going. 

Please still join own show every other Sat at 1 pm Onyx Powerful News Show and sign up for our daily news articles towards the bottom of the home page or any article page.

You can share you story free of charge or even write for us. You may add one free product to sell or post each month. You may post any jobs free of charge. Our next project is to establish online dating search on Onyx. On the show we will talk about the dates you had and have you made any permanent connections. We have so many new ideas things that I quite sure you will love.

Your donations will also go to our own Charity project Say Her Name located on our sister affiliated company, owner and Founder of Onyx Powerful News.

Photo: Keaisha Hayes-Prater 13 years of age, Missing Since Jul 25, 2019 Missing From Columbus, OH DOB Nov 19, 2005 Age Now 13 Sex Female Race Black Hair Color Brown Eye Color Brown Height 5’0″ Weight 130 lbs Say Her Name

 Your monetary donations will go to help the families find their missing love ones, this will help pay for monetary support because they are not able to go back to work due to PTSD. These funds will also pay an equusearch team and/or private detective services. 

Whistle Blower Sutherland Global Whistle Blower Sutherland Global

Your charity donations, will go to employees who have been terminated like myself from companies like Sutherland. These employees will terminated due no fault or no reason of their wn and unable to get unemployment like myself.

In addition we help with the homeless shelters in Texas giving supplies like water, donating food, clothes, job search, get a free shower, put them up hotels when the weather is bad.

homeless in Houston, Texas
Photo: Homeless in Houston, Texas

We will be doing such much with your funds. So anything you give, even if it is a dollar we will put it to good use. 

Your monetary funds will also help propel Onyx Powerful News to the next level such as to get us a permanent building so when can have Live Audience and still keep our Online Audience. 

Thank you in advance for your help and support and may God Bless You!