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Tracey Ellerbee Founder/CEO Onyx Powerful News
About Us: Tracey Ellerbee MBA - Pre-Doctorate in Business is the Founder/CEO of Onyx Powerful News Our Mission: To give you honest and factual news. We vet our sources before adding news to our coverage. We do not condone fake or unvetted news articles.

Onyx Powerful News is a news media source that talks about black culture talents, gifts, education, jobs, politics, and important issues to help our communities to thrive. In addition we do highlight events of today, breaking news and so much more. In additions OPN will still reflect diversity while highlighting the black culture. OPN, Vendors and Merchants, we can sell retail products and services. In addition we advise our followers post free jobs. Dating Website coming soon, so we have a lot of fun and exciting projects coming to OPN. Please Subscribe If you would like to write or post an ad. Send us an message to the email address below. For any type of errors on our articles whether it is grammatical or correction on the article message itself please send us a message to the email address below. Thank you and hope you enjoy

Contact us: onyxpowerful.news@gmail.com

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