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Photo: What Type Of Customer Are You?

At Flawless we know that we will run into different type of customers that may be challenging in a good way. This type of customer may not under our product services and may need a helping hand trying to decide what type of package to purchase.

We have worked with customers for up to a year or so answering their questions, by phone, email, or text because we want you to become a well informed customer on our services, products, and polices. 

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Photo: What Type Of Customer Are You?

No Pressure Your Space Your Decision

Flawless give each customer their own space to make their decision, we do Not pressure our customers into buying our services period. We don’t bombard them with crazy sale tactics because Flawless have sales everyday, pexels-photo-3801701.jpegso they may come back the next year and Flawless may have that same sale going on or a different one. We have a list of sales we bring back two or three times a year, that are very popular for our customers.

The Rude and Angry Customer

Our 2nd type of customer we run into is the one that is rude on the phone right straight from the start. We will let the conversation slide for a few minutes but if we can Not calm the customer down and they become abusive and belligerent. Flawless has instructed the staff to disconnect the call. 

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Photo: What Type Of Customer Are You?

Abuse or Racial Slurs

No one in this world. whether it is a business owner or whether you are a person who works in an corporate environment  should never have to put up with abuse, bullying, harassment or racial slurs of any form. 

This type of customers we will be Not accepted at Flawless Period. What we say at Flawless all money is not good money, if it comes from an abusive customer, we will kindly turn them down. Flawless would rather for them to their business else where. Because our environment in each of our offices is quiet, serene, respectful, and just a great place to go to sleep and relax. So if the customer is already like this over the phone and we can imagine what they would be like in person, so in this case No Flawless will Not accept them.

Why Did Flawless Bring This Up?

Why does Flawless bring this up because we have had customer like this just recently and we wanted to bring this to every customer attention before you phone, text, or email us. Please let us all be respectful loving to one another. Flawless staff will always give the upmost respect to all our customers and we deserve no less in return. 

Bossy Customers 

Flawless had this type of customer a few months ago. A customer wanted to use both of her Groupon that she bought at the same time. Now on the Groupon it states 1 Groupon per person every six months. Me as the owner, advised her she could use both Groupons this time only but if it happens again this would Not be allowed. Due to Groupon and Flawless policies. 

She still continue to fuss over the phone, not taking a breath. I the owner, just let her continue to blow off the steam until she got tired, I guess she thought we had hung up because I was so quiet on the phone, so then she just hung up on us and requested a refund back from our vendor. This type of combative customer we will ask her to go back to Groupon an obtain a refund. 

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Photo: What Type Of Customer Are You?

Other Companies

Now Flawless understand  that their are some companies with bad customer service and sometimes you have to stand firm to get the situation resolved but please do Not turn your conversation into abuse.

What type of customer are you?

It is always best to hung and call back to see if you maybe get a different rep that maybe shows a little more compassionate. With Flawless we want to make your experience as pleasant as possible, this start from the first forms of communication.

Flawless Customer Service 

Whether we are closed or working with another customer we will advise you of this via voicemail or check out our website at theflawlessbody.store. But we are always happy to take your appointment if you have bought a coupon through one of our vendors. If you choose to buy through us directly than that is even better because we get a 1000% of the funds and have some lead way to you more service than you the customer have bought.

What type of customer are you?

Productive Conversations and Communications 

Flawless staff are trained professional artist and communicators and are able to handle difficult customers.  We will Not argue back and forth with a customer via text, phone, or email. Our staff is trained to staff stay quiet during a combative situation until the customer start becoming abusive but as long as they are not abusive we will listen what they have to say and we will try to steer the conversation back to healthy and productive conversation if we can.

Swearing and Cursing

Flawless will not accept swearing and name calling once again if this happens, our staff has been instructed to disconnect the phone call immediately.  We will place notes on the customer file and make an incident report, so if the customer tries to return again, we will advise them to seek services else where because no one is this world should accept abuse. 

We have included this article below on different types of customers and which one are you? The bullets are an exert from the article link below. 

  • Bad customers are rude and abusive to you or your staff.
  • Bad customers make unreasonable demands (e.g., refunds long after the sale, free services far beyond the scope of your business, steep discounts for no good reason).
  • Bad customers threaten to complain about you on social media, review sites and to their friends, when they can’t get their way. 

This first link is how Flawless will handle angry customers.





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