The Rescue of Jessica McClure (Full Movie) Drama
Based onea a true story. Jessica was an ordinary, everyday little girl until she fell 20 feet down an abandoned well shaft in Odessa, Texas. As the day drags into night and rescue attempt after rescue attempt fails, tensions reach a fever pitch.
The tragic part of this story comes over 20 years later when the man who fought his phobia of small spaces who was sent down there to get her had so much PTSD that he committed suicide. The man who saved her life killed himself because of the media sensationalism fell into over this, and ptsd he had from being down there when he had a severe phobia. He put his phobia aside for that little girl to save her life, and paid every day after it because they refused to give him debriefing afterward and counseling. Like many hero’s that are emt’s and firemen and volunteers – they get a build up chain reaction of tragedies and things they go through and they just snap and kill themselves. He left behind two little boys and no one ever said a thing in the media about his death and the father those two kids lost. We really have to make sure that our men and women who do these jobs are counseled after they go through things that stress their minds and bodies out.
Onyx does not own any of these movies. We post them here to give the viewers a hint of what we are watching during the week or month. We hope that you take the time to view the movie and see what is going on in the US and around the nation. 

Onyx Review:

The Rescue of Jessica McClure (Full Movie) Drama
Great Old movie even though it is old I love this movie over and over again. This is a true story that happen right here in Texas. Give this movie a A++ because it happened right in my home town of Texas. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

How To Protect Yourself and Your Family During This COVID-19 Pandemic 

  1. Frequently wash your hands.
  2. Use Dial soap it is a antibacterial soap. It kills germs.
  3. Social Distancing outside, in the grocery stores, at any public place.
  4. Please don’t touch door handles without protectant covering.
  5. Don’t cross contaminate your belongings dispose of all public face, hands or body wear immediately after returning home.
  6. Wear protectant face mask if you go out in public.
    COVID-19 Financial Relief
    Photo: Dial Antibacterial Soap
  7. Take a alcohol cloth with you to wipe down your shopping carts. 
  8. Wipe your cell phone down with alcohol through out the day.
  9. Also Wipe down the inside of your car with alcohol.
  10. The things you touch the most wipe them down a few times a day and especially after returning home. 
  11. Once your return home wash your hands, body, or any garments/clothing immediately. 
  12. If you work out outside stay 6-12 feet away from each other.
  13. Be courteous if you sneeze or couch without a face mask, cover your mouth with your clothes, arm, or tissue. 
  14. Most of powerful of all let us pray for one another and use our common sense that God gave us please. 
  15. We can get through this together. 

Thank you!

To every Doctor, Nurse, EMS, and person who is on the from line, saving lives.

God Bless and Protect You and Your Families!


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