COVID-19 Financial Relief
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COVID-19 Financial Relief

Most all business big or small have suffered tremendously because of the COVID-19. This global pandemic has hit some of our major businesses like Airports, Dentist Offices, Hair Supply Stores, Barbers, and Hair Stylists. We are all in this together. COVID-19 Financial Relief payments are on the way. 

COVID-19 Business Financial Relief

The SBA are giving a 10k to all businesses and you don’t have to pay this back either. Only if you are granted more. If you click this link you will find out more and how to apply. 1-3 are clickable Links Below

  1. Try Wells Fargo COVID-19 Small Business Financial Assistant 
  2. Bank of America Small Business Website COVID-19 
  3. Facebook Business Grants (Check your Location for eligibility)

Most banks applications are overwhelmed and are no longer accepting application. Pleas so don’t wait too long, apply for yours fast and it only takes about 30 minutes or less if you have your information together. 


Due to an overwhelming number of applications received, we have paused the acceptance of new applicants indefinitely.

Click here if you have already submitted the application and want to check the status.

Harris County Tx, COVID-19 Forgivable Loan Program is Not accepting anymore applications, along with a few other programs.




Below are SBA or Gov COVID-19 programs 

Expiration Date: 09/30/2020

Again here is the Link  to apply at gov for SBA loan and rememer if you get 10k or less you do not have to pay this back. 

People Who Does Not File Tax Returns 

Click this link below to get your $1200 COVID-19 stimulus check fill out your direct deposit on the government site. How do I know this is the gov site. .Gov is internet address the government uses. If you don’t see don’t .gov at the end then you are on the wrong website. 


Photo 1 :Government website for those who did not file taxes. Update your direct deposit

Photo 2 :Government website for those who did not file taxes. Update your direct deposit

Reoccurring Lock Down Due To COVID-19 The Honest Truth

Until someone come up with a vaccine. Please expect reoccurring lock downs. This will never be over until we can start vaccinating people. So if the vaccination takes 18 months. I hate to say it but to for this same process to continue. Reoccurring deaths, lock downs, business closings and so much that we never even expected. Try to say positive, prayerful and, let us all use our common sense.

Please don’t play with this COVID-19 thinking you are invisible because none of us are. 

How To Protect Yourself and Your Family 

  1. Frequently wash your hands.
  2. Use Dial soap it is a antibacterial soap. It kills germs.
  3. Social Distancing outside, in the grocery stores, at any public place.
  4. Please don’t touch door handles without protectant covering.
  5. Don’t cross contaminate your belongings dispose of all public face, hands or body wear immediately after returning home.
  6. Wear protectant face mask if you go out in public.
    COVID-19 Financial Relief
    Photo: Dial Antibacterial Soap
  7. Take a alcohol cloth with you to wipe down your shopping carts. 
  8. Wipe your cell phone down with alcohol through out the day.
  9. Also Wipe down the inside of your car with alcohol.
  10. The things you touch the most wipe them down a few times a day and especially after returning home. 
  11. Once your return home wash your hands, body, or any garments/clothing immediately. 
  12. If you work out outside stay 6-12 feet away from each other.
  13. Be courteous if you sneeze or couch without a face mask, cover your mouth with your clothes, arm, or tissue. 
  14. Most of powerful of all let us pray for one another and use our common sense that God gave us please. 
  15. We can get through this together. 

Thank you!

To every Doctor, Nurse, EMS, and person who is on the from line, saving lives.

God Bless and Protect You and Your Families!





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