Photo: Lonnie is the person far to the left of the photo. Right beside him is Wanda and the Viral grandma of Jamal. Jamal is the third person from the left. Then there is Lonnie girlfriend to the far right.

Lonnie has passed. Lonnie is the husband of the grandmother from Arizona Wanda who went viral after she accidentally invited the wrong teenager to Thanksgiving and ended up spending the holiday with him, has reportedly died after he contracted the novel coronavirus. 

Previously reported. The grandmother who befriended a stranger after she accidentally invited him to Thanksgiving dinner  has contracted coronavirus. Lonnie is in the hospital fighting for his life and Wanda is so at the moment because she is at home with respiratory infection. The video did not mention if Wanda had COVID-19 so I will only say she has a respiratory infection. Jamal did both had COVID 19 in the tweet. Wanda The Viral Grandma is heartbroken but praying that Lonnie will get better and be home soon.

Photo: Jamal text

Jamal Hinton posted on twitter that both Wanda Dench, his ‘honorary grandmother’, and her husband Lonnie Dench from Arizona, had both contracted the disease and that Mr Dench has been hospitalised.

Photo: Jamal and Wanda during happier times.

“I am so sad to announce that Wanda and Lonnie both have Covid-19 and that Lonnie is currently in the hospital fighting both Covid and Pneumonia please send words of love and encouragement their way,” he wrote.

Rather than ignore the unknown number, Mr Hinton continued the conversation and the pair sent each other selfies.

Yellow heart
Phtoto: Wanda The Viral Grandma, show love and support for the both her and Wanda husband, Lonnie.
Photo: Prayers are going out for everyone across the world. Especially for those Doctors and Nurses who is fighting and risking their lives to save lives. Prayers go to all of those who have lost the lives and their families who are left here devastated because of this global pandemic. Let us all stay safe and wear our mask. The corona does not care who you are or your status. We are all susceptible and may contract this mad demon at anytime. So please let us all practice safety in public and in our homes, by washing our hands several times a day.

Video:Jamal and Wanda

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