Nia Dennis Goes Viral

On February 23, 2020 UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis flipped, Dipped, tumbled and Danced her way to become a viral sensation with a series of  Beyoncé songs.

Her floor routine was very Challenging. Once you start watching you can’t Stop.

At the Pac-12 conference meet, Dennis scored a 9.975 out of 10 for her floor routine. The junior, who joined the team as a freshman in 2018, sampled some of Bey’s biggest hits in her routine, including “Crazy in Love,” “7/11,” and “Ego,” as well as Destiny’s Child’s hit “Lose My Breath.”


Dennis’s performance comes just over a year after UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi went viral for her perfect-10 floor routine, which used a mash-up of Michael Jackson songs. A video of it tweeted by UCLA Gymnastics was viewed over 41 million times. Dennis’s video seems on its way to viral fame too, with over 9 million views since it was tweeted out a few days ago.



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