Are we all suffering from body dysmorphhia? Dr Naomi McCullum an Australian Dr. who does cosmetic surgery said “it is her job to weed out those who have unrealistic expectations because she know they will not be happy with their results no matter how much work she does on their body”. These are the Red Flags Dr. Naomi McCullum, look for below. I have also included the link to the article. 

What is Body Dysmorphia?

Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance — a flaw that appears minor or can’t be seen by others. But you may feel so embarrassed, ashamed and anxious that you may avoid many social situations.

Lizzo Opened Up About Body Dysmorphia & “Evolving” As She Got Older

Lizzo said before she became the shining example of self-love that she is today, Lizzo first had to turn her wounds into wisdom. In a Rolling Stone cover story published on Wednesday, Jan. 22, Lizzo opened up about experiencing body dysmorphia in her late teens and early twenties.

Photo: Lizzo suffering from Body Dysmorphi. SUFFERING FROM BODY DYSMORPHIA?

(The Mayo Clinic defines body dysmorphic disorder as a “mental health disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance.”) As the 2020 Grammy nominee, now 31, explained to the magazine, her journey to arrive at this place of peace wasn’t always easy, though.


Lizzo Self Esteem Took A Turn For The Worst

Lizzo’s low self-esteem at the time was only exacerbated by a toxic past relationship, as well as perceived societal standards of beauty, per her Rolling Stone interview. One of the lowest points in her life, she explained to the magazine, came in 2007 when she was a “delusional” 19 year old. Lizzo recalled that her boyfriend at the time told her, “I’m a little guy. I need a little girl.” So in an attempt to please him, Lizzo said she tried to emulate New Girl actor Zooey Deschanel, before realizing she couldn’t “just wake up and be a white girl.” To read more of Lizzo story from Bust and The Rolling Stone click here.

Kim Kardashian West Admits She Suffers From Body Dysmorphia

In the age of social media, few have pulled back the curtain quite like Kim Kardashian West. And while the mother of four has notoriously used her platforms to promote

Photo:Kim Kardashian says people give her BD because they body shame all the time.

and stoke the conversation around body positivity, often displaying her curvy physique in censored naked selfies, her confidence is far from ironclad. And on last night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in the wake of a series of unfiltered bikini images taken without her knowledge going viral, the reality star admitted that the media’s focus and commentary on her figure has become the source of debilitating insecurity.

“You take pictures and people just body shame you,” the 36-year-old explained, adding, “It’s like literally giving me body dysmorphia.” The anxiety disorder, which is characterized by one’s obsessive idea that their appearance is severely flawed, is said to affect as many as 1 in 50 people. To read more of Kim story from Vogue click here.

What are the ‘red flags’ she looks for in potential clients?

McCullum said, If people are not accepting the limitations she offers them and they want a ‘quick fix. If they say another reputable clinic left them botched despite the fact they got a reasonable or desirable outcome she won’t have take them as a patient. If the customer are under the legal age of 18 and If they seem to be suffering from body dysmorphia ” people who will never be ‘happy’ with the results no matter what you do, McCullum said she will take them on as a patient. 

We have also included a link to the definition of Body Dysmorphia. 

At Flawless Formation BodySculpting store we have had customers like this. I am sorry to say but they want they come in one way and want to come out looking like Kim Kardashian these are unrealistic expectations. 

Flawless has gives customers sometimes $1,000 to $10,000 worth of free services on top of services they are already paid for but guess what they are still not Happy.

Only a hand full of customer will call me complaining. It does not  matter how much we have tried to help them, no matter how much encouragement we give them, they are still not happy with their own self. These type of people and sometimes including myself suffer from body dysmorphia. 

Owner Of Flawless Formation and Qouponz.com suffers From Body Dysmorphia

The only difference with me, I do not go back to my Dr. complaining that they did something wrong. The services are what I paid for and I received the results for my body. In addition no matter how long I look in the mirror Tracey will never be happy. (talking about myself).

Photo: Flawless Formation Beautiful Body Freeze FatFreeze customers

What is Flawless Formation we freeze fat so it does not come back. If you can squeeze it we can freeze it. See our photos below or go to our website and see 1000s of our before and after photos. Please scroll down towards the middle of the page see the three sets of photo collages. To see more photos at the under the bottom of the last  the Show More. Or you can buy on Onyx too and add your products to sell for a low monthly fee. This webstie gets 1000s’ of views each week. To sell click here.

Photo: Flawless Formation Face FatFreeze customers

Photo: Flawless Formation Beautiful Before and Affer Face FatFreeze customers

What is Qouponz.com is a website where you can sell your products and services. If you just want to buy you can go to our website and buy almost anything. Get your 6mth fatfreeze warranty and your fatfreeze at great discounted price at Qouponz.com.

People always have told me oh Ms. Tracey you have the perfect body but I always find some reason not to accept the compliment but start complaining about my awful cellulite or my saddlebags. Some of my customers said they will die to be my size and to have the curves. But guess what Tracey is not happy no matter how many compliments people give me (talking about myself).

Police Called On A Ex Flawless Customer

Listen to this Flawless contacted the police not too long ago on a customer for email harassment because she was mad at her results, we gave her extra free freeze time and we went overtime on the free skin tightening on all her treatments.

Photo:Cary NC Police Department Resolved The Issue

Her entire treatment lasted over a couple of hours and she receive her Same Day Results. But because her results was not looking like the way she wanted, with a 100 pounds or more gone, they get made at me.




Empathizing With My Customers When They Complain

You know what I really for sorry for this customer because there was nothing more we could do to help her. We empathized with her but soon after the complaints turned to harassment. She would not stop sending me this harassing emails. So unfortunately we had to get the police involved.

When The Authorities Became Involved

After my complaint, the authorities contacted the customer and advised her that emailing, texting, phone calls are harassment are considered harassment, when the person have ask you to stop all forms of communication and you continue, this is what constitutes harassment. The authorities advised her this is a crime and she could be arrested if she does Not stop harassing our me. The customer that harassed me was between 60 and 70 years old.. I ended up writing an article about on my blog at Flawless. Please seek therapy and get help if this is you.  

Flawless Formation Wants Everyone To Be Happy With Their Results, This Is One Of The Reasons We Give So Much Free Services After Your Purchase

We want everyone to love the body and get results they can be proud of. Flawless work hard  to give every single customer that comes through our door, something free, whether it is the free detox sweat sauna, non perm skin tightening, lipo lasers aka fat shrinkers and or fat melting treatments called radio frequency.

We always go above and beyond our customer service duties because we care and we do this with each and every customer that walk through our doors because we want you to be happy with your body and your results. 

We Can’t Please Every Customers But 97% Of Our Customer Base Is Happy.

This Is The Reason We been In Business For Over 5 Years 

At Flawless we know we can Not make please every customers happy but we surely try hard each and every time because I love the work I do.

The body is beautiful regardless but we can make it every more beautiful. With our body sculpting.

Photo: Phrase We Can’t Please Everyone.So Don’t Even Try or Start.

This is not just a job not a job this my career and I thank God for it and treat people, they way I wanted to be treated.

We see ourselves in each person. As the owner of Flawless I know how it feels because I use use to be almost 300 pounds not too long ago so I can empathize with my customers. In addition I knows what it feels like to have unwanted fat because I had so much of it What I did to get rid of my fat was different treatments to remove the mounds of fat.

My procedures that I have have over the last 10 years cost about 70k or me. But you know I will do it all over again because I am worth every single penny.

Own Your Truth And Never Lie To Yourself Own It And Fix It

Stop Lying To Ourselves

My weight now ranges between 145 to 165 why because I love food. That is one thing about me I am honest with myself and when you are honest this is when we can start to change our we think in out minds, soul, and body from the inside out.

Photo of Tracey 51 years old owner of Onyx Powerful News, Flawless Formation, Qouponz.com, and Customer Exposed.com. No More Suffering from Body DYSMORPHIA? I am who I am and I am finally Happy with they way God made me. Yes I am beautiful in God’s Eyes. Are you SUFFERING FROM BODY DYSMORPHIA? #LOVEYOURBODY

But is starts in the mind first, thinking good and positive thoughts about yourself. Accepting Who you are, As you are, The way you are and how God made you. You will begin to see you are Perfect. God said everything he made is beautiful and it is so. 

Come Clean With Ourselves This Is When Healing Begins

We have to come clean and figure out why I am this size or why are things this way or that way. Once we accept our flaws and faults and stop blaming others like Flawless Formation for your flaws. So that we can begin to heal and fix the issue with our body, mind, and soul.  

High Self Esteem

The weight loss has boosted my self esteem, my self confidence, because when you love what you see when you look in the mirror, you start becoming happy with yourself from the inside out. 

Customers Photos Below Who Were Unhappy With Their Same Day Results 

These photos below were included because these were the customers, who were very angry with me and said they didn’t like their results. Despite receiving same day results and result that continue to work up to 6 months after they leave the office.

Photo: Of a person who is SUFFERING FROM BODY DYSMORPHIA. How we see her and how she see her self is totally different.

Each person below is uniquely beautiful in their our way but their insides on our they fell and how they see their own self is very distorted. I see beauty they see flaws. As we said before we can’t please everyone. 

Read more stories 

Cosmetic surgeon Dr Naomi McCullum , If they seem to be suffering from body dysmorphia so will never be ‘happy’ with the results they get ‘It’s my job to weed those people out’: Cosmetic surgeon reveals the potential clients she will NEVER agree to work with – and the ‘red flags’ she looks for in each customer.



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