Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, 28

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Please Donate To Our Cause

Please give to our charity for lost, troubled and wrongly convicted women of color. Onyx Powerful News Charity Donations is an organization to helps all women color within all US states or counties. The Charity is Called Say Her Name.

Donations Where Will They Go 

Your donations will also go to our own Charity project Say Her Name located on our sister affiliated company Tracey is also the owner and Founder of Onyx Powerful News.

Photo: Keaisha Hayes-Prater 13 years of age, Missing Since Jul 25, 2019 Missing From Columbus, OH DOB Nov 19, 2005 Age Now 13 Sex Female Race Black Hair Color Brown Eye Color Brown Height 5’0″ Weight 130 lbs Say Her Name

Your monetary gift donations will go to help the families find their missing love ones, this will help pay for monetary support if they are unable to work due to stress related illness or for private investigators and so forth. 

Your donations will go towards helping find another prominent attorney to take on the Jennifer Jeffley case. Read more about her case by clicking here. There are many of our black and brown women that are locked up due to no fault of their own. Their only fault is being poor and not being able to afford a good attorney. 

Bridging the Gap

We want to bridge that gap between the police department and our communities. Meaning we want to and get to know our local police men and women, by inviting them out to our charity drive and other  functions in our neighborhoods so that can get to know us and we can get to know them.

We will be discussing mental heath, drugs in the community about how we can get involve to help to our local youths and get them summer jobs plus skills, and education beyond high school.

This way we won’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night  finding one of local youth with a gun to our heads, asking us for money. Let us show them out to make money. Let us show them our to have a real legit 1099, partnership, or corportation business.

Let us teach them a skill such as how to become a electrician, welder, or help them study for the post office test. There is always something we can do to lend a hand to our local youths in our communities. 

I believe in this quote

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

The youth needs a sense of family and local community support, especially in the poorest of our communities. 

Photo: of Jennifer Jeffley, 38 but at the time she was only 15 years of age, when she was wrongly convicted of murder. She has been in prison for 2 decades now. We are trying to find another Attorney to take on her case. Rocket Rosen her attorney has since passed away. She wants to get out before her mom passes away. Whether it is a Pardon from Trump or throw the Innocence Project we want Jennifer out.  Say Her Name

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Join us every once a month on Sat, third Sat in March 2020 1 pm. 

During the show the topics will diversified. We will discuss how you can get involved in your local communities to help out charity drives. In addition we will also talk about the latest fashions and accessory trends. 

Sandra Bland
Photo: Sandra Bland 28, Hung in Jail cell after being falsely arrested. Her parents won a million dollar lawsuit after her death for being falsely arrested. She should had never been arrested in the first place. The police office was later fired but we still lost this beautiful soul. Say Her Name

Photo: Atatiana Koquice Jefferson, 28 Shot and Killed by police after a neighbor called the police to perform a wellness check. Both her mother and father died a few months later. Say Her Name

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Whistle Blower Sutherland Global Whistle Blower Sutherland Global

Other Charitable Donations How They Will Be Used

Your charity donations, will go towards employees who have been terminated like myself from companies like Sutherland. For employees who are terminated due no fault or no reason of their own and who are unable to get unemployment like myself, will get some financial assistance.

In addition your charity donations will go to Salvation Army and homeless shelters for supplies like water, food, clothes, job search, get a free shower, and put them up hotels if the shelters are full when the weather is bad.

OPN want to put them on the right path to success. 

homeless in Houston, Texas
Photo: Onyx Powerful News Charity. Some of your funds will go to places like the Salvation Army to help the Homeless in Houston, Texas

We will be doing so many wonderful things with your funds. So anything you give, even if it is a dollar we will put it to good use. 

Your monetary funds will also help propel Onyx Powerful News to the next level such as to get us a permanent building so that we can have Live Audience as well as our  Online Audience

Our Show: Chime In and Sip Wine with Onyx Powerful News Show 

Get Your Ticket In Order For A Chance To Win Your Own Fat-Freeze Machine. We also give away free prizes and monetary gifts during some of our shows.

In addition we are selling tickets for $1 dollar for a chance to win your very own fat freeze machine. Once you paid your $1 through our donations, please email us to request your ticket. We will then email your ticket to you provide. Email:

All you have to do is just join us once every third Sat of the month and during the show at anytime, I will hold up a number. You Write the number down, keep it in a safe place, in order for a chance to when you own portable fat freeze machine. With your new fatfreeze machine you can start your own fat freeze business just like Tracey the host and owner of Flawless Freeze Formation Bodysculpting Store. 

Remember all you have to do is buy your $1 ticket and during each show I will hold up a number at anytime during the show. Write it down. Then the very last show in Nov 2020, the show Host Tracey will hold up and reveal the very last number.

Missed The Show Numbers

If you missed the numbers during the show, you can always go back to view our reruns with the link provided on Onyx Powerful News. December 12, 2020, I will announce the several winning tickets Live on Onyx Powerful News and only at the end of the show. I will call several winning tickets during the show to give several people a chance to win. Whenever I give the orders to send your email, whoever emails me first with the right numbers listed in the correct order that one person will be the winner. There will only be one winner at the end. The winner will be identified and a photo taken of the winning ticket along with their fat-freeze machine.  

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Onyx will also bring a dating site to this platform. We will pay special connections to go out on dinner date to see if they can make a connection. They will be able to talk about their dinner date experiences on the show at a later date.  We have so many new cool ideas that I think you will quite enjoy. 

We are going to have some good old fashion fun on Onyx so don’t you miss the show. More details will be coming soon regarding our new dating platform and show details. 


You can donate any amount but for donations of $50 you may list your one product free of charge for one month on Onyx Powerful News Market Place.

For your monetary gift of a $100 you can list your 2 product for 2 months free of charge on both Onyx Powerful News and Marketplace our sister company. 

You may also share you story free of charge or even write for us. You may add one free product to sell or post each month. You may post any jobs free of charge. Don’t forget you can always don’t any amount to Onyx Powerful News Charity.

Click here to read more of our stories  about the Grandma Whistle Blower of Sutherland Global.

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Thank you in advance for your help and support and may God Bless You! 
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