Photo: Veronica Connor Class Action Lawsuit Working Off The Clock

Whistle Blower Of Sutherland Global

My name is Tracey. I was a Remote Mortgage Underwriter at Sutherland Global making $35.10 an hour and when I worked overtime my salary goes to $52.65. This article is about employees that have worked off the clock for this company and have not received their overtime pay. If you scroll down to the very bottom I have attached my paycheck and emails confirmation of working off the clock and emails stating that my manager Veronica Connor said they were going to pay me what is owed to me. 

Yes it is a fact that they do owe others underwriters their overtime pay. They only offered to pay me my overtime pay once I spoke up for myself. Basically I told them I don’t work for free. The others were scared, that they would be fired and that is understandable, I was too at some point until I was close until I became gravely ill. How long can we continue to let these companies intimidate and scare us? We have to always speak up and out. The email is attached below as well. 

Some might think this is evil and wrong but at some point in our lives we all have to learn to stand up and speak up for ourselves. This is article is about survival and releasing the truth after taking abuse from companies for so many years. I am so sick and tired of being quiet and letting these big conglomerate companies run all over and take advantage over the little people like you and I. In addition I am so sick and tired of leaving these jobs in so much pain and crying for hours, days, and months, due to the abuse, bullying and harassment from these micro-managers. 

Veronica Connor my former manager at Sutherland Global Promise to get me paid working off the clock for almost 90 days. See the attachment below. They know I worked off the clock and several others did as well.  

This company owes me over $12k in overtime pay and they owe several other people as well. Veronica Connor and Rolando have ghosted me and are not responding to any of my emails  nor are they returning my phone calls.

Please click this link to Veronica’s LinkedIn  page. If you feel compelled tell her and Sutherland GlobalDilip R Vellodi Chairman/CEO/Founder, Sutherland Global Services Inc to pay Tracey her overtime pay as she promised. It is a shame I have to go to this to get my money but a woman do what she has to do. #noIamnotscared 

Dec 2019 I Diagnosed With Pneumonia and I Laid Sprawled Out On The Floor Unconscious For God Knows How Long

December 4th 2019 I was sick I could barely make it to the doctor. I hadn’t been sick like this is over 12 years. I was trying to self medicate myself at home and it did not work. After I fell out on the floor of my apartment and I laid there unconscious for God knows how long. I finally decided it was time to go to the hospital. I was very weak but I gathered enough strength to drive myself and my grand baby to the urgent care. I do not have health insurance because I just started with Sutherland and benefits did not start until 90 later.

Death Can Come For Us at Any Give Time* Death Does Not Discriminate 

Well I prayed like crazy and ask God not to take my life. I felt like death was calling my name and knocking at my door but I did not answer the call but I fought like hell for my life. I prayed like I never prayed before asking God to spare my life and don’t take me. I have so much to give and offer on this earth. Because this incident scared the heck out of me I am now ready to speak my truth.

Since we as people don’t know how long we have on this earth, so it is time for me speak up and speak out or issues that has been bothering me for so many years. It shocked and Shook me to the core when Kobe, Gigi and the others died in that horrific helicopter crash. This lets’ me know how short life can be and death can call us at any moment. I am still devastated today by that horrific crash that took those precious lives. I pray endlessly for the families who lost their love ones in that horrific helicopter crash. This is why I wanted to get this out in the open now so people will know the abuse of power that is going on behind closed doors at Sutherland Global and many more companies who are about to be exposed as well.

Speak Up and Speak Out

God forbid if something ever happens to me, no one will ever know my truth. I don’t want my voice to buried with me after I am long gone. Onyx Powerful News will continue to bring forth honesty and truth for many years to come. 

Abuse Of Power At Sutherland Global

Veronica Connor my manager knew me and other underwriters need our jobs to pay our bills and to take care and support our families. They took advantage of us by giving us so much work that would could not do in eight-hour workday. Then they have the audacity to send us emails and tell us do not ask for Overtime, that we should be able to get this work done in the eight hours. I did not want to get fired, so we stayed quiet for a moment.  We worked slave like conditions, just doing as we are told and working off the clock without ever being paid.

Slave Mentality At Sutherland Global

Sutherland Global has a slave mentally environment in how they treat their hard-working employees. They treat me and others with absolutely no respect. Usually people say very little respect but these people have absolutely No Respect for their employees. This company has worked us like dogs until we all started getting sick. These people or company have no intentions of ever paying me or you until you call their axxes out. 

Being Played Like A Fool 

Veronica and Rolando played me like a fool. Veronica emailed me I know over five times or more, asking me to submit my time so that she can pay me for my time I have worked off the clock. (documentation attached). This only came after I sent Veronica my manager and Tom the team-lead a complaint email which stated I would no longer work off the clock without being paid. 

“Well today I am giving Sutherland and Flagstar a notice to pay me money that is due to me”

The Promise 

I worked off the clock for almost 90 days and I was promised by Veronica Connor my manager and Rolando the Hr Manger that I was going to be paid. They were aware I was missing some hours due to working off the clock. Now I received numerous emails with them asking me to submit my time so I can get paid. At the bottom of this article, I have a couple of the emails between Veronica my manager, Rolando the HR Manager and myself Tracey. 

Yes the world should know that we are working off the clock and not being paid at Sutherland Global. While working at Sutherland Global in December 2019 I was diagnosed with pneumonia and almost at deaths doors. Why did this happen because was working almost 24 hours a day and I was not getting the proper sleep or nutrition. I was putting this company first before my own health and welfare. Once I became sick I begin to see how short life could be. This is when I decided to courageously speak up for myself by sending Veronica Connor and Thomas an email stating that I could no longer work off the clock unless they or Flagstar paid me. I also addressed how unfair this is to me. Well you can read the email below I have attached it to the article. I came back to work a week or so later, still gravely ill, I still continue to work off the clock due to the massive workload that was being given to me on a daily basis.

Email Chain From Veronica and Tracey

Veronica sent me in December 2019 and said that she was going to pay me for the hours when I worked off the clock. We get so many emails, that email was buried with so many others I did not read. I did not even see it until weeks later. I was so over joyed with excitement, that finally was going to be paid. That excitement was short-lived because you would not be reading this today if I would had been paid like Veronica and Rolando promised.

Overtime documentation Forwarded To Veronica Connor  

It took me sometime for me to gather my overtime hours. Mortrac and P8 the loans are time stamped and LoanTrac will send you a confirmation to your phone. I guess you are asking what is Mortrac?  This is Flagstar Proprietary underwriting management system and P8 houses all their documents. Even though I still horribly sick with pneumonia and still dealing with the same slave mentally conditions of working off the clock and not being paid, I mustered up enough strength to gather this documentation and forwarded it to Veronica and Rolando a week after my termination.  

What Took Me So Long To Get My Time To Management?

I know you asking why it took me so long to get my overtime documentation to Veronica? One because I was still battling pneumonia. The second reason because I was still working these long hours and working off the clock trying to complete my 2-3 new underwrites and 7-17 re-subs in a day, this is including re-subs we get in an email from the customer that we have to complete. On top of that I deal with the overwhelming amount technical issues in Mortrac and P8. This means I worked off the clock again to adhere to the  24-hr SLAs (Service Level Agreement ) from the customer, Flagstar Bank. Once I got off work I was absolutely completely exhausted. This was triple work for me while still battling pneumonia. In addition they wanted me and other underwriters to produce quality work, respond to non stop daily emails from the customer, management, underwriting support team, then take over training classes, fix several procedural and securization reports.  They ask for all this work done in eight hours.

VPN and Citrix Issues

There were also VPN issues on Sutherland side as well and Citrix VPN issues on the Flagstar side. There were several days I couldn’t even clock in without calling Sutherland IT technical support for assistant with clocking with Kronos. These VPN issues were worked off the clock. There were numerous of times I stayed on the phone with IT to get my phone, computer, VPN setup that was never included in my pay request. Even though I was not clocked I can use the internet to get logged into Flagstar system Citrix.

“The expectations were unrealistic and was a set up for failure From the very beginning”

I know in my heart things were not going to change just by one email I sent Veronica and Tom on how I did not want to work off the clock without being paid. Of course you know that went out the door as soon as I laid my eyes on all those loans in my queue. They may have gave me a day or two break once I came back off sick leave but not long after that, things were right back to the way they was before I left,  with the massive workload and of course me having to work off the clock to get the work done under the 24-hr SLA. 

Veronica and Rolando Has Ghosted Me

Since I have emailed them my time, I have not heard one work from these horrible people and they should be shame of themselves. Veronica paid me time for a week for being out on sick leave but that is not my overtime pay. Sutherland still say they would pay for time worked off the clock that is over $12,000 that I am still owed and has not be paid to me as of yet. Yes I know I can file a lawsuit but that takes years, I want my money now. tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us. I have bills that are due now not in 3 years from now. So this is why I bought this to the media to bring attention to my story in hopes of retrieving my money by embarrassing the awful managers and let these companies know to stop hiring managers that slave drive the workers and then don’t pay employees. 

Termination And Speaking Loud 

Fast Forward four weeks later 1/9/2020 Veronica and HR made up some old lame excuse about my work. This gave them the excuse to terminate me. They called themselves trying to silence my voice but I am here today I am here Speaking loud, Standing Tall, Standing Bold, Standing Up and telling my story right here on my own Platform that I designed just so I can have a voice and speak my truth and bring evidence with my truth. My articles that you will read, will backed up with verbal and/or documented facts. 

Management At Sutherland Global

Some of the managers at Sutherland only care about themselves. So they stomp and trampled over little people like you, in order in climb that career ladder in hopes to retire financially wealthy someday. Well what about the employees’ retirement? These are some of the reasons we can’t get ahead in life or move up the ladder because of managers like this. Companies like Sutherland has gotten away with things like this for years and years and nobody says anything, we just on to the next job and the cycle continues.

“now it has come time for me to blow the  lid off this b!txh. Did she say B!txh? Oh heck yea I said B!txh. Because I own this b!txh”

Now it is time to #speakup and #speakout. Forget trying to be politically correct. I don’t have to worry about being fired because this my own.  I am sick and tired of being freaking quiet and people taking advantage of me, I could scream.

“You may can take my job but you can’t take me voice”

It is about time, because I have been wanting to speak like this for years. Now it is my time to what might cost me from ever getting another job in the secular world. At this point in my life frankly I don’t give a Daxn. I am numb because of years of abuse I took at the hands of these companies

I have been trampled on by companies like this my entire career. What I use to do is retreat to my corner of the room, my closet, my bed and cry my eyes out. But where has that gotten me in life besides taking countless of trips back and forth to the psychiatrist, popping Xanex and Prozac pills, just so I can survive and do minimal life functions, like eat, cook, sleep, get groceries. My life expectancy is about another 5-10 years if continue to let these companies ruin my health and finances. But if I speak up and speak out now I truly believe my life expectancy will drastically raise to maybe another 30-50 years if I use my voice.

Using Onyx Platform to tell my truth feels so good like a cool refreshing breeze on a hot and summer day. I feel like I earned my wings to say what the heck I want to say, when I want to say it, and how I want to say. My voice will be like an endless water fall with powerful sounds of water splashing into the river ways, saying here I come.

But today is about me and all the rest of the employees who has put up with BS managers like Veronica. As a human being it is not healthy to keep things bottle up inside for some many years like I have. I know if I speak my truth today and present evidence of the truth, this will allow my body, mind, and soul to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually. And for those managers who think this is wrong, well frankly my darling I don’t give a daxn. It is not about you, it is about saving my life and having a voice. 

  • #Timeout and #Timesup for managers who treat employees like trash
  • #Timeout and #Timesup for managers who constantly verbally abuse, harass and bully employees 
  • #Timeout and #Timesup for managers who make employees work off the clock without being paid
  • #Timeout and #Timesup for managers who make up lies about the employees work and then fire them for no reason, just because the employees #spokeup and #spokeout
  • #Timeout and #Timesup for HR to stop firing us or laying us off when we come to them with the truth about these managers who bully their subordinates.
  • #Timeout and #Timesup to stop running scared 
  • #Timeout and #Timesup of running in the closet burying my face, hiding out, and crying in pain because of these micro managers abusers
  • #Timeout and #Timesup from running to the therapist every week because of these evil and micro-managers who continue to give the employees the raw end of the deal and treat them like hell

Onyx Powerful News is my therapist and healing power because I am able to use my voice in a powerful way. This is healing for my mind, body, and soul. I hope I speak out for millions of employees who has been through some of the same things. This is why I designed Onyx Powerful News because it’s about the Powerful of the voice. I am about to come out the closet swinging with a heavy hammer. 

Hey I can go on and on with #Timeout and #Timesup. If you want to share your own personal story of #Timeout and #Timesup or #speakup #speakout, you can share it right here on Onyx Powerful News. It doesn’t matter about color, race, religion, or group because I quite sure majority of America has experienced what I am talking about today. You may remain anonymous We will hide your name from your employer and the public or you can #standup and #useyourvoice. Our voices are powerful and I will never be #neverbesilenced. 

CustomerExposed Website 

Well today they won’t take advantage of me anymore. This is why I started another website called CustomerExposed. If someone owes me money they will be exposed at I hereby today put Sutherland Global on notice to pay me overtime money that is due to me. It makes no sense that I worked my butt off until I got pneumonia and almost died a few weeks ago and believe it or not those jokers still have not paid me my money. 

My Livelihood At Risk And Bills Are Due Now

Bills are due and my bank account is in a negative because I have not been paid from these pimps. Why do I call them pimps because I feel like they prostituted and used me. Today I ask Sutherland Global for all my money so I can continue to pay my bills and support my family. I filed Bankruptcy 2019 and it was discharged. I don’t want to start screwing up my credit again. This stress is probably why my body won’t and can’t heal These people have ghosted me. They won’t return emails or calls as of today. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”

Do I have to get like 50 cents and run this company name in the ground in order to get my money like #Callthesh!tout #B!xchbetterhavemymoney. I did not want to do this story but this company is not trying, so they left me with no choice to Blast their sorry axx in the media. No I don’t have a big audience like 50 cent but I do have my online line newspaper that I will continue to use to speak on subject matters such as this for years to come. 

Should other mortgage companies and companies in general be worried that I will #callthesh!tout. You better believe it because I dealt with a number of these companies that has wrong me in way one or another. I back my sh!t with proof. 


I wrote this article to shed light on management abuse that goes on not just at Sutherland Global but so many other companies. I started this platform because Jada Pickett and Oprah Winfrey do not know me from jack. I can’t get a guess invite to Ellen DeGeneres. I am a needle in a haystack compared to these big online media conglomerates. So what I am supposed to do? Just sit back and take this bullsh!t forever until it kills me Heck No. I will use my voice to holler back at these companies whom has taken advantage of little people like you and I.

This online newspaper and my media show is on my own level so I can have a voice and speak my truth, her truth, and his truth on our level. What do I mean by our level; the poor and middle class. I speak out and speak up for the little man and woman who has no voice and for those  who are working under slave like conditions like I have done in the past. 

“onyx powerful news will take the risk and speak for you so you don’t have to” 

“Should other companies be worried about Onyx Powerful news? no, not if you are treating your employees or staff with respect and the dignity they deserve  because if news comes to onyx with proof #Game over”

Update Mar 6, 2020

Tom Graham Veronica Connor’s  team lead has been switched to another underwriting project. This tells me tell either stood up for himself and Veronica threw him up under the bus or they trying to eliminate all witness ahead of the lawsuit.

Linkedin Photo Tom Graham team lead at Sutherland Global 

Read More about our charity 

Read The Bottom Bold Letters Where It States I worked off the clock using my own time. They only decided to pay once I stood up for myself Why should I work for free? They don’t work for free either Pay now or Pay later that is all I have to say.
Tracey Expressing To Veronica and Tom She Will No Longer Work Off The Clock
Tracey Expressing To Veronica and Tom She Will No Longer Work Off The Clock
Veronica Connor Said She Will Pay Tracey For Working Off The Clock
Veronica Connor Said She Will Pay Tracey For Working Off The Clock
Veronica Connor sent this message to my personal email last month and cc Rolando they have both ghosted me after I sent them my time twice because. I have to paid.
I had to go back 3 months to get my time, plus I was sick this is what took so long
I sent them over and now she said she missing the days and times, so I added the days and sent it back to her. Since this day I have been ghosted by veronica and Rolando. They still owe other underwriters but others are scared to speak out but I am not. I have never been that one to let people walk all over and take advantage of me without voicing my opinion. #paynoworpaylater
Tracey paycheck from ADP and what I make with and without overtime.
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