Valentine Day Unique Gifts

Valentine Day Unique Gifts

You’re probably thinking about what can I get my love ones for Valentine. One thing we don’t want to do is get the same thing every year. You want to make sure this year the gift is special and straight from the heart.

Valentine Unique Gifts Book Romantic Spirit Cruises and Private Yachts In Norfolk, Va.

Let your hair down. Do something spontaneous and unique. Do something you have never did before. Let go of your inhibitions and take day cruises for Valentines Day.

Surprise him or her with a romantic cruise with lunch or dinner for two on the Spirit Cruise in Norfolk Va. Make your Spirit Cruise even more fun and exciting, by planning a double couple date and make it a dinner for four. The Spirit Cruises boat rides can be extremely romantic and exhilarating. You can book the Spirit of Norfolk for any private occasions such as, family outings, family reunions, or go on a romantic cruise for Valentine Day.

Spirit Cruises and Yacht Cruises

The Spirit Cruises and Yachts Cruises are Virginia’s best hidden secret. The prices is very reasonable per person is around $45. What can you do on your Spirit Cruise. Enjoy the beautiful views of the Elizabeth River. Order your lunch or dinner while on your cruise. Take it the deck enjoy board games with you partner, lover, husband, wife, family and or friends.

Take off the entire day at work for Valentines’ Day. Make it a day of love, candle light dinner, and romantic fine dining. After your breath taking boat cruise, take romantic stroll outside while walking hand in hand at the Norfolk’s MacArthur Center. Make your Valentine Day Memorable this year with Spirit Cruises.

Enjoy A Romantic Movie at the MacArthur Center Regal Stadium 18

Check out there movie theater located at 300 Monticello Avenue Suite 330 Norfolk, VA 23510. This is another one of Norfolk’ best hidden secret. At the MacArthur Center there is an Regal Indoor Movie Theater that you would just love.

Restaurants and Fine Dining 

Enjoy fine dining restaurants at the MacArthur Center Saltines.  Located at  100 East Main Street, Norfolk, VA 23510. Make reservations at Saltines:+1 757-763-6280. 

If you decide to stay overnight. You are just in luck. How about staying at the luxurious Hilton Reserve.  Location is superb for a romantic stay. Address: 100 E Main St, Norfolk Va. Hilton is rather pricey but he or she is worth it right? There are so many countless things to do in Norfolk Va. These are defiantly memories that you and your love ones will never forget.

Please visit Stripers Waterside I heard the food is absolutely delicious. The atmosphere and the specular views are too die for. Stripers Waterside with help you become stress free with the awesome breathtaking views. Take a break from this stressful The location is 333 Waterside Drive Suite 105 Norfolk, Virginia 23510. Call to Reserve your table (757) 837-4100 or reserve at


Get Your Sexy Back at Flawless Formation BodySculpting

We saved the best unique gift for last. Flawless Formation BodySculpting Store is another great Valentine Day gift. Show off your sexy body for him or her. You will become his or her Valentine Day Gift with your amazing body stamped and approved by Flawless Formation.

Leave Him Breathless

Ladies leave him breathless when they seethe exotic changes in your body. He won’t be able

Leave him Breathless
Leave him Breathless

to get enough of love those holding magnificent  curvaceous curves. What Flawless does is Art. They don’t just freeze the fat, they contour your body so it will look nice and shapely by Freezing the fat so it does not come back and giving you the perfect Hourglass Shape that you always wanted. To learn more about Flawless click this link and to see the before and after Same Day Result Photos.

Leaver Her Speechless

Leave her speechless
Leave her speechless

Men leave her speechless with those rock solid rock abs. If you have fat on your abs that is causing your abs not to show. Sometimes the gym and diet can’t get rid of that extra fat and this when Flawless steps in. They take machine freezes off that extra fat so you will have that six pack you been wishing for. 

Freeze Away Unwanted Fat

That Gyms and Diets Can’t Remove

They take off that extra fat around your stomach, thighs, buttocks, back, calves, chin, face, you name it they do all body parts. Go to their Event Section at the top of their home page at to view their Fat Freeze or aka Alternative Cool-Sculpting Events.

They will definitely give you the hook you the fat freeze hook up, you get more for your money, plus Flawless results that continue to work up to 6 months after you leave your freezing session.  They will help you whip your body back in to shape so you can look and feel  sexy again. Get your Sexy Back with Flawless Formation Body Sculpting Store. Get Flawless for Valentines Day.

Do You Want A Flawless Freeze Pop Up Party Your Town or City Book at

We come to serve you in your state, city, or town. Because we are everywhere with Regus. Regus offices are located all over the world and every state and city. So yes we are mobile. What we do is fly out to you any time you book a Fat Freeze Party for 10-15 people at $450 per person 2 Fat Freeze with Non Perm Skin Tightening. So you still get those same low prices with Quality Results.

Booking of 50 or more people the price is lower at $350 per person for 2 Area Freeze with a non perm skin tightening example upper and lower stomach, flanks, or back or front love handles.

Other Fat Freeze Companies Pricing

Other freeze places like Cool-sculpting is pretty pricey and may cost between  $600 to $1,800 for 1 area skin tightening is Not included nor is any guarantee or warranty. 

With Flawless 2 Area Fat Freeze with non per skin tightening. Add-ons are Perma SkinTight and Fat Freeze Warranties. Book Now at Still not sure this is for you well check out our thousands of Same Day Results Portfolio at Flawless this should change your mind. Scroll down to the middle of the page to see our amazing freezing results.

Main Offices We Serve Are North Carolina and Texas

Our Corporate Office is located in Houston Texes. But we have several main locations that we serve in Texas and North Carolina. They are in Houston, Charlotte, and RDU and surrounding areas. They have added Valentine Day Events to their Calendar which helps to lower the prices of individual or private freezing sessions.


To Book go to or to to see their thousands of before and after photos. You will be amazed. You go looking way one and come out instantly looking and feeling amazing. Get back to your old self again. Feel like your old self again. You want that high school figure you had when you first met him or her. Flawless got the tools to help you get your fantastic figure back. 

If you look at like this, would you go to a hair dresser if her own hair was not kept up? Same

Owner of Flawless

concept with Flawless. Flawless owner is the Poster Woman for her own artistic flawless body sculpting work. She has mastered her craft and does amazing job not just on her body but she will do an amazing job your body as well. Not even Cool-Sculpting brand will take the time to sculpt your body like Flawless.

It is her passion and a gift. In addition she takes her time and do it right. Her Body is amazingly curvaceous and absolutely Flawless because of her unique gifts she also uses on herself.

A woman’s body is an amazing piece of art and when it take the time to remove those extra pieces of fat that diet and workout won’t get of, you will be amazed at what your body can morphed into. Enough from check them out at either website to get your Sexy Back in time for Valentine Day. In addition to that, most of her customers get Same Day Results and remember the fat continues to leave the body up to 6 months, so your results continue with healthy eating and excising.

did I mention that you can also purchase a warranty with your fat-freeze for few extra dollars more. What more can i say. Get your Winter Body Ready for your Summer Body!

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