Cop Slammed Grandmother 76 to the ground

Baltimore cop slammed grandmother, 76 to the ground named Rena Mellerson. She spoke out and is very hurt by the entire incident that has occurred. 

In the emotional press conference, there were children in the home at the time of the violent arrest, whom were crying and Attorney J. Wyndal Gordon demanded justice is done in this case.

Mellerson said “she is not feeling well and hope this never happens to another person.”

Attorney Gordon said they will be filing a lawsuit due to the graphic nature of the matter.

This Viral Video or Photo Below May Not Be Suitable for Children Under The age of 10 To Watch 

Photo: Grandmother Mellerson being slammed violently to the ground

A neighbor captured this incident on video, and stated what led up to this violent attack on Mellerson from the police officer. 

Attorney Gordon said Mellerson’s granddaughter Cierra Floyd was concerned about a child who was assaulting other children on a school bus and then got off and was damaging property as well. 

” attorney Gordon said a Lawsuit will be filed”  

Cop Slammed Grandmother 76 to the ground
Photo: Press Conference with Attorney after Cop Slammed Grandmother 76 to the ground, Mellerson the last peron sitting on the far right

Attorney Gordon than said Cierra Floyd and another person confronted the child and the child begin throwing rocks at them and their cars so they called the police.

“Cpl. Brennan responded to the phone call in a very rude and aggressive manor,” explained Attorney Gordon. “Right from the start he was unreasonably hostile towards Cierra Floyd, who was attempting to explain what happened.”


Attorney Gordon said Cierra Floyd left the scene to get her own children from her grandmother’s house and was not aware that she was being followed by Cpl. Brennan.

Cpl. Brennan forced his way in the home and then used pepper spray and his taser 

Cpl. Brennan opened the door and they say he attempted to force his way into the house. 

Grandmother Mellerson, 76 said she was trying to figure what in the world was going on and demanded Cpl. Brennan the police officer stay outside or produce a warrant.

Cpl. Brennan forced his way inside the home and then used pepper spray and his taser.

“Mellerson said at this point, she was cooperative,” said Cierra Floyd.

Photo: Cierra-Floyd

“Pepper spray burst towards my child and my friend’s child standing while we were standing at the top of the steps in crying hysterically. Cierra said “Imagine how I feel as a mother, as a granddaughter. Sir you could have killed me.

The Violent Arrest and Take Down of Grandmother Mellerson

Then this is where the video starts with Cpl. Brennan escorting Mellerson out and this man identified as Officer Schmidt rushes in and slamming Merllerson outside on the ground.  

“I don’t think you need classes for that,” said Attorney Gordon. “I don’t think you need the police academy for that. We’re talking about violent sadistic, misogynistic behavior. We’re talking about disgracing the badge that many officers wear proudly.”

Cop Slammed Grandmother 76 to the ground
Cop Slammed Grandmother 76 to the ground

Police Officer Statement On The Violent Arrest of Mellerson

The grandmother ”Rena Mellerson was not seriously hurt. But yes she was handcuffed, arrested and taken into custody.

In a statement from the police department  the officers said allegedly the 76 year old Grandmother Mellerson, interfered with the arrest of her granddaughter. Cierra Floyd who was charged with disorderly conduct a short time earlier at a different location, where police said the granddaughter cursed at officers and caused a scene. But officers did not arrest the granddaughter at the time, saying they didn’t see her leave.

Issued State By Baltimore County Police Department

Baltimore County Police Chief Melissa Hyatt released a statement Tuesday, ordering a thorough investigation into the incident.

Hyatt said the investigation will be expedited and include interviews, and a review of body-worn camera footage and other documentation.

Once the investigation is completed, Hyatt said the body-worn camera footage will be released to the public. 

Hyatt went on to say thank you for the individual who taped the incident –

Photo: Chief-Melissa-Hyatt

our residents are important partners in our communities. We hold our officers to a high standard of accountability. Maintaining the trust of those who live, work and visit Baltimore County is paramount as we continue to work together to keep communities safe,” Hyatt said.

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