Police Dept. Failed To Respond To Her 911

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Police Dept. Failed To Respond To Her 911

The neighbor said the police dept failed to respond to her 911 call. She stated if the police would had responded earlier, maybe they would still be alive today. The neighbor said she was jarred out her sleep when she heard someone jumping on the now deceased Amarah J Banks, 26 old year African American woman.

Bodies Found Eight Days Later

Unfortunately Amarah J Banks daughters was found deceased, In the garage eight days later with her daughters named, Caramia Banks 4 and Zanyia R Ivery,5. All there were victims of Domestic Violence Homicide, at the hands of Banks, ex-boyfriend Arzel Jermaine Ivery, 25.

Amber Alert Canceled Sunday

An Amber alert was canceled on Sunday, a day after it was activated by MPD. Police Chief Morales confirmed on Sunday. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner is conducting a triple homicide investigation on three victims found deceased in a garage. Autopsies are scheduled for Monday.

Disappearance of Banks and Her two Daughters

According to reports Banks and her daughters disappeared February 8, 2020 1 a.m. near North Sherman Boulevard and West Green Tree Road.

Infant Son Buried and Banks and Her Daughters Never Showed Up For Family Brunch

Banks had just buried buried her infant son who had died of medical complications. Amarah and the girls was suppose to meet up with family members for brunch, but they showed up. Arzel is also the father of the deceased infant child.

Photo: A neighbor of the deceased woman posted on her Facebook

 “A neighbor of the deceased woman posted on her Facebook account, “If MPD would have responded to my 911 call, that lady and her daughters would still be here.”

Suspect Ex-boyfriend Taken Into Custody 

A triple murder suspect, Arzel Jermaine Ivery, 25, the father of one of the young girls, Zaniya was taken into custody in Memphis, Tennessee on Saturday by police and was booked in the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department jail for being a fugitive from justice.

The ex boyfriend, Ivery confessed to the homicides in Milwaukee. In addition, led Milwaukee police to the whereabouts and location of

Police Did Not Respond To 911
Photo. Amarah J. Banks, 26, and both of her daughters, Camaria Banks, 4, and Zaniya R. Ivery, 5, and (Suspect Arrested Arzel Ivery)

the victims bodies, which were recovered at Arzel’s residential Milwaukee garage at the 4700 block of W. Burleigh St. apartment complex.

 Ivery’s homicide charges are pending, according to MPD.

Chief Morales Stated Unfair and Uncalled For To Blame The Police Department 

During a press conference on Sunday, Chief Morales stated that domestic violence in the City of Milwaukee is an issue,”it’s not just a police department problem, it’s not just a District Attorney’s Office problem, people want to put the blame on the police department, this is a systematic problem going on for generations, I think we all have to look back and see how we are going to curve domestic violence in our community…

you see that people blame the police department for

Photo: Support Our Blue They Are Understaffed. After Failed to Response to the 911 of the neighbor of Banks until eight days later and after Amber Alert was canceled,

these deaths and it’s unfair and uncalled for.

Chief Morales also said that last year in 2019, about 20% of the shootings and homicides were related to domestic violence and that it will take leadership and the community to come together and funding to deal with the issue.”

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