Missing Teen Lashaya Stine 16
Lashaya Stine 16

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This charity is about giving back and helping our Black and Brown women. Your kind donations will go towards our black and brown women who have gone missing without a trace. Your funds will help them out of abusive relationships, gain housing, education etc. When they are experiencing homeless, wrongly jailed to help bail them out of minor traffic infractions or women who are facing false evictions due to racial inequalities. These are just a few things that this charity will do to help our black and brown women.

Lost or Missing Black and Brown Women

When our black and brown young females or women go missing, it is a known fact that we get less media coverage, rarely national media coverage and it is so heartbreaking to say but sometimes no media coverage at all.

Where Your Funds Will Go

The charity will also focus on helping families pay for private investigators, attorney fees, flyers, media attention, reward money, and to help the grieving family support themselves when they are forced to take FMLA without pay due to their missing love one.  In addition these funds will also provide. food, clothing, utilities, shelter, education, and rent.

Your generous denotation when cover jail expense who are locked up for frivolous or minor offenses. Like in the Sandra Bland case she was locked up for frivolous or minor traffic incidents. In Sandra Bland case her family were trying to come up with her bond money and been then the unthinkable happen, she was hung which led to her death. Sandra Bland case made national media coverage but so many of young youth makes no media coverage at all.

Qouponz Donations

How we help, certain Products that you purchase from Qouponz online store, 3% will go towards Say Her Name Charity. Look for the Donation seal on these certain products from our online store.

Giving and Teaching

You give a person a fish you feed them for a day but if you teach them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime. Some of funds will go towards education to teach them Self Sufficiency. For every dollar you give 40% will go towards helping our women of color.

Racial Disparities

It is a know fact that Racial Disparity in Federal Criminal Sentences exist.  We have a higher arrest record than those of other races.

Gaining National Attention With Your Donations

Help me make These Women Gain National Media Attention, in hopes that we can find them safe very soon and bring them back to their families that missed them very much. Please support our cause with a small donation of $1 or $100. There is no amount set to give. Give from your heart and God will pay it forward, in your time of need! Thank you for supporting our cause!

Lashaya Stine 16 yr black girl WENT MISSING July 15, 2016 was last seen at 2:30 a.m. near Peoria Street and Montview Boulevard. She only had her charger and had no plans to go anywhere else. Say Her Name
Anya Washington 12 WENT MISSING Mar 13, 2018 Missing From #Houston, TX DOB Apr 26, 2004 Age Now 13 SexFemale Race Black Hair Color Black Eye Color Brown Height 5’0″ Weight 120 lbs Anya was last seen on March 13, 2018. She may use the alias date of birth 4/06/2004.Say Her Name and Google Her Name
Keaisha Hayes-Prater 13 years of age, Missing Since Jul 25, 2019 Missing From Columbus, OH DOB Nov 19, 2005 Age Now 13 Sex Female Race Black Hair Color Brown Eye Color Brown Height 5’0″ Weight 130 lbs Say Her Name
Tawny Reed 16 yr old Black girl from Reno Nevada WENT MISSING April 26 2019. Less than two weeks before Tawny disappeared, Aneesa Reed also went missing in Reno, Nevada. Aneesa [no reported relation to Tawny] and authorities said she’s five feet and four inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. Say Her Name and Google Her Name
Aneesa Reed 14 yr old Black girl WENT MISSING May 1 2019 in Reno Nevada. There is nothing in Google not even mentioning her name.Tawny stands five feet tall and weighs about 130 pounds and authorities haven’t described what she was doing at the time of her disappearance or what she may have been wearing. Say her Name
Zakiah Abdul-Khaliq was 16 YR old black WENT MISSING 8/27/2018 from Austin Texas. Age is now 17 Say Her Name and Google Her Name

Thank you for supporting our cause!

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