Racism Is Not Always the N Word

You all know me I usually don’t say too much or post too much, I do a few likes here and there on Facebook. I am very quiet when handling my business and taking care of my family. I always try to handle all matters in a civil way and quietly. But this time is a very rare occasion for me. I can no longer sit back and just be quiet any longer when I am facing the very evil form of housing discrimination at my apartments.

Harry the Duke of Sussex stated is below and #timetostandup

“There comes a point when the only thing to do is to stand up to this behavior, because it destroys people and destroys lives,” Harry said in the statement Tuesday. “Put simply, it is bullying, which scares and people. We all know this isn’t acceptable, at any level. We won’t and can’t believe in a world where there is no accountability for this.”

#speakout and #callitout. 

I must and I will speak out and call it out Racial Harassment and Racial Discrimination. I will Not be peaceful or accept this type or any type of racial abuse, racial harassment, or racial sneaky discrimination abuse of power anymore


My family and I have been targeted in a very vile, vicious, and evil type of racial discrimination. I said I would never release this videos or audios because this is Not something, I ever wanted to do but this is something I have been forced to do. I am a very private and proud person so I do not like my business blasted in the media but this is a rare exception because I have been going through a new type of sneaky racial discrimination situation and it has been festering for a few months now. It is time to all this stuff to come out into the opening, it is time for me start speaking up for my civil and legal rights.  This all started when the new property manager Kimberly Gonzalez and her team came on board at my apartment complex in Houston Tx.

Acts of Racism By Kim Gonzales and The New Management Team

Kim Gonzalez and her team have been abusing their power by racially harassing me and my family for months now and now it is time for the ground hog to see its shadow and come out of hiding because I am blasting Kim and her team on every social media Platform that I can get my hands on. Listen to the audio look at the videos on how am I am being treated over here. I want my friends and family to help me make this go viral so people can see the new form of racism and maybe with this being viewed so many times this will embarrass the perpetrators Kim and team. 

My Daughters Father is Fighting For His Life While I am Fight For My Civil Rights

With all due respect to my ex-husband and his family I am continually praying with them because while serpent is raising in Houston. My daughter father has been in the hospital fighting for his life for almost a week and now I am having to take the time to fight for me and my family civil and legal rights, so my truth can be told. Please help me to keep my ex-husband Laverne in your prayers as he continues to fight for his life. God Bless you all and thank you in advance for your prayers. I have been praying and fasting all week and then here comes the Racists Devil up in my face again. 

Moving Date 11/2018

I moved in my apartments in 11/2018, we had the best property management team in the world. My previous property manager got in touch with me this year March 2019 ask me was this Vibe mine in the parking lot. I advised yes and it had broken down and soon as I get the money, I will have it fixed, I asked them at that particular time did I need a garage to store it in until I get it fixed. They reassured me I did not need a garage at that time, nor did I need to move my car because it was not harming anything or anybody and they were not concerned when I got it fixed and it was fine. But unfortunately, May 2019 the entire team all left for one reason or another. I won’t speculate what happened because I don’t know what happened. But what I do know is when Kim Gonzales the property manager and her team came aboard which was May 2019 this is when all hell broke loose. Kim and her team said there will be no propping the trash against the trash bins for Valet to pick by our doors and all trash must be stowed in the bins to comply I requested 2 trash cans for extra trash. 

Fast Forward on the Acts Discrimination and Disrespect

Fast Forward Monday July 30 2019 I had some work done on my mouth that morning so I was feeling that well. I got home and started to rest and Janette the new leasing agent called me saying something about the trash, I interrupted her and said excuse me can you please ask me am I ok or available to talk before you just start talking because I just had some work done on my mouth and I am not feeling well. I ask her to please send me an email on anything pertaining to the trash because I knew I dealt with this trash issue back in May this is why I requested the trash bins in writing, so I had no idea why was calling me again. What she was saying was not more important than me trying to get some rest and trying feel better. So, as she continued to talk and ignored may verbal request, I disconnected the call because she had no respect for me even after I told her to send me an email instead. 

Confronting RACISM Part 1

(Leasing Agents Don’t be Rude when calling your tenants. Give the tenant some respect ask them are they are available to talk at this time before going into details why of why you called)

I got up later that after feeling a little better and now I noticed they had placed a notice on the door about the same thing the trash. I was very irritated by then so I went to the office to ask them what is going on with the 3 bags of trash limit? We never had a 3-bag trash Valet limit before and if this is on the lease then show me where it states I am in violation? I advised Valet does not pick up on Friday and Saturday, they resume service Sunday evening so this is typical for me to have a few more bags of trash on a Sunday, because we now have a new baby in the house. In addition, the trash compactor is almost a mile away from my apartment and since we only have one trash compactor, on the weekends it is filled with nasty flies, bees, and all kinds of rodents out there, I advised them I don’t want to go near that nasty stinky trash compactor on the weekends if I can hope so I want for Valet on Sunday since I am paying monthly for this service. I advised having trash just thrown out there on weekends is a health hazard for the residents and physical hazard for the kids if they should could hurt out there on pieces of those broken furniture. I asked why wasn’t this bought to my attention back in May if the policies had changed?

Went to the Office and Confronted RACISM ask them to show me where is my lease where it states we are limited to 3 bags of trash

Part 2 (see the Video)

You will see all this in the video on 9/30/2019 Since this date they have never supplied me with any lease documentation on 3 bags of trash limit you know why because it is a falsehood. Kim and her team are making up fake rules and lies as they go along. Kim and her team continue to discriminate and harass me and abuse their power of authority when it comes me a minority black woman. 

Racism Now put two stickers on my cars and now my cars are in Violation because the previous day I asked them to show me on the lease where it states Valet can only pick up 3 bags trash is a violation.
I stood up to Racism and now they are really mad.

Racism just called the police on a black woman for requesting a garage and you can see she terrified me in the video I could barely get out what I was trying to say.

Part 3 (see the Video)07/31/2019

The next day Kim July 31, 2019, Kim, Jay and Jeanette had placed 2 orange stickers on my cars telling me that my cars have to be moved. So, I went to the office to request a garage for my cars and Kim threw me out the office stating that she is going to call the police because I am trespassing and disturbing the peace. I advised her I came to the office to request a garage for my cars until I am able to get them fix. I advised Kim I requested one back in March with the previous property manager and they said I did not need one. Kim called the police and ask me to leave and I left. I have been requesting a garage from July 31st and Oct 1st 2019 and has not received one. Listen to the audio on 10/1/2019. Kim the property manager finally told me today they don’t have any garages and there is a waiting list for garages and she advised she had told me this a while ago and I advised her check back no one ever contacted I have been sending emails and calling you guys since July 31, 2019 and no one has contacted me back. Kim even took it upon herself and told me if you can’t even afford to fix your car then how can you even afford to pay for a garage.

Confronting RACISM

Part 4 (see the Video) 07/31/2019

Racism called the police due to trespassing because a Black woman Requested a Garage

The police came out because Kim called the police on a black women requesting a garage. I did not commit a crime for requesting a garage and neither was I trespassing when I have a right to be on the property. I was not arrested because there was no crime committed. Kim is abusing her power trying to have me evicted for no reason at all.

Part 5 See Documentation attached

Racism gave me another violation for disturbing the peace and threatening the day before. As you can see Racism love to make up lies.

Enough is Enough

Enough is enough racism doesn’t have to say or spell out the word N to be considered discrimination or racism. Racism is when another race or group of people treat you differently or unfairly. I don’t need my MBA or a PHD to tell when someone is treating me unfairly or discriminating against me.

My Grandson

My grandson knows when he is not being treated fairly. He has come to me several times over the years and said Nanna they are not playing fair. They are leaving me out the game. Why they they won’t throw me the ball. So, you telling me as a grown grandmother, mother, and woman of color I don’t know when discrimination happens to me or when I am being singled out and when I am being treated unfairly. Come on Caucasian people please give me a break will you! Enough of this please just stop it why don’t you!

Below are 65 forms of Racism and Discrimination without using the N word.

  1. Racism is giving a black person a harsher jail sentence than a Caucasian person for the same exact crime. 
  2. Racism is coming up with rules, policies and procedures at the last minute to discriminate against people of color.  
  3. Racism telling me I can’t wear my braids to school anymore because it is not appropriate.
  4. Racism or discrimination is not hiring me for the job when I am academically qualified for the position.
  5. Racism is telling me I don’t think you can afford the Range Rover but we do have a Ford Fiesta over here that I think will be perfect for you that is more in your price range. 
  6. Racism is when I question the contents of my lease and ask Kim to show me the certain policy that she is referring and then she threats to evict me and my family for wanting the truth.
  7. Racism is when I ask a Caucasian person please ask me am I available talk before she just start speaking about the contents of the message and because of this I am now being racially harassed because a black woman has asked for respect.
  8. Racism is questioning a Caucasian about the contents of my lease that shows the trash policies, since I am questioning Kim Gonzalez policies, they start to racially harass me and now trying to get me evict for wanting to know the truth. 
  9. Racism is telling me I have to put a Caucasian face on my website even though it is a black business. 
  10. Racism tells me it is ok for Caucasian women to get upset scream but when black women get upset and screams, we are called angry black women or angry black B. 
  11. Racism or discrimination tells me I am approved for a house but only in the black zip codes zone.
  12. Racism is making the test harder for Black people than for Caucasian people.  
  13. Racism is making it easy for Caucasian employees to obtain certifications but making it harder for black people to obtain the exact same certifications. 
  14. Racism is hiring 30 Caucasians for a company but then hiring a only a couple of black people so that your company meets the legal term of the Civil Right Act.
  15. Racism has told me that I received 4 violations on my cars when I have been asking for garages for over 90 days and have been overlooked for over 90 days. 
  16. Racism told me all the garages are taken even though I requested a garage even month since in July 31, 2019 and here it is 1o/01/2019.
  17. Racism told me I cannot request a garage and fix it later because it does not have the proper registrations.
  18. Racism is nasty and hateful Kim wants me remove my car off the property instead of offering me a garage until I am able to get my income tax and fix my car. 
  19. Racism Kim is telling my lease in up 11/30 I still have to move my car within 11 days even though my family is going through a medical crisis. 
  20. Racism Kim Gonzales does not care about her tenants but she wants people to believe she is being a fair property management but people will see and hear and see the true Kim in these videos and audios. 

Racism told me that I already have one garage and there is a limit of 2 garages per tenant. Well I told racism Kim that I wanted one more garage for more of my personal items instead of my car but now racism changes the policies again and said there is a waiting list. Racism told me on the audio on 10/1/2019 that they advised me long ago that there were no more garages and that there is a waiting list, which is a lie

  1. Racism will make up lie to cover the first set of lies. When you lie you can’t remember what you said the first. Racism on my level requires videos and audios for proof
  2. Racism will try to confuse you, so if you don’t keep audios of every phone call and videos or every encounter. 
  3. Racism will try make you look stupid or look like the bad guy.  
  4. Racism is trying to find evil sneaky ways to evict me even though I have tried to comply to every rule and policy on my lease.  
  5. Racism will keep you up at night asking yourself did I do the right thing on coming forward.
  6. Racism have even mentioned a thing that she is sorry to hear about my medical emergency and to see how she can help accommodate me and my family during this trying time.
  7. Racism told me I cannot name my child Marqueesha because the name sounds too black so we won’t hire you.
  8. Racism tells me black parents have to watch what we name our children or we will be singled and not get hired for certain jobs. 
  9. Racism told a black male newscaster that he looks like that a monkey on national tv, then racism comes back to apologize the next day and racism plays dumb like she didn’t know that words like that would hurt her black male colleague feelings.  Racism knows how to issue a public apology after a back lash because they don’t want to lose their jobs. 
  10. Racism is paying Caucasians’ higher wages and black people less money for the same exact position.
  11. Racism is promoting the Caucasian employee who just started with less experience instead of promoting a black employee whom has been at the job the longest and more deserving of the promotion.
  12. Racism told me that my lease is ending in 12 months when I know I signed a 13-month lease.
  13. Racism sent me a Renewal offer Aug 12 2019, but told me 10/1/2019 they not renewal my lease even though I haven not did anything wrong. 
  14. Racism told me that they don’t care about my medical crisis I have going on in my family and that I have to move my cars in 11 days.
  15. Racism is stereotyping and treating another race differently or unfairly. 
  16. Racism ran me down with his car to tell me, a black woman that I could not work out because the park is closing in about 30 mins, but passed many Caucasian people before reaching me and whom he did not say one word to them about leaving the park. 
  17. Racism told me I cannot call the police on a customer even if they harass and bully me or I will lose my contract. 
  18. Racism told me I cannot reply to my Caucasian customer reviews and tell my truth to or I will lose my contract. 
  19. Racism told me I can’t request my 911 transcripts when I know about the freedom information act. 
  20. Racism told me that I am not allowed to protect myself in a commercial building because the laws are different in commercial and residential properties. 
  21. Racism told me I am not qualified for any help from Hurricane Harvey because I did not lose my home or my life in the flood. 
  22. Racism told me after Hurricane Harvey we will fix damages to your apartment but we won’t cover the 70% loss of your household furniture, clothing shoes, equipment, food etc. because losing things does not matter or does Not count as damages. 
  23. Racism is hiring blacks, giving them a scripted message to say in order to groom them on how to discriminate against their own race.
  24. Racism is Caucasian manipulating black people to turn a blind eye when they see racism happening to their own race.
  25. Racism is having black people too scared to take up and speak out for one another when we see discrimination happening to one of us in the workplace because we fear losing our jobs.  
  26. Racism told me I could not add and subtract even though I had almost completed my MBA.
  27. Racism told me I have to put with discrimination in the workplace or I will lose my job.
  28. Racism is sending a joking text to another person about Martin Luther King parade, stating when is it going to end, when MLK is dead, oh wait.
  29. Racism told me if you start questioning why I haven’t been promoted or received my certifications but my Caucasians colleagues have, racism will find a reason to fire me even if they have to concoct lie. 
  30. Racism told me when I make an HR complaint about discrimination racism demotes, lies and will sabotage my work in order to get me fired. 
  31. Racism is seeing a black person who walked in first with a question and the Caucasian person comes in after and get their question answered before the black person. 
  32. Racism is Caucasians saying it is nothing wrong with the black face as long as you are wearing it for Halloween.  
  33. Racism told me I don’t care what positions you apply for you are not getting the job and maybe you will eventually get the picture and quit. 
  34. Racism will follow me around in the store accuse me of stealing, once I show them a valid receipt, they say the receipt is fake and call the police anyway. 
  35. Racism told me I don’t know why this black girl is 15 mins early for an interview or the purpose of her MBA, so I already know I am not hiring her. 
  36. Racism pulled me over and told me that I lied to another police officer a few months ago.
  37.  Racism shut their mouth once I showed the police officer the video that racism lied on me.  Racism pulled off and let me alone.   Racism will lie on you and try to put you under arrest if you don’t have proof. 
  38. Racism told me to get a degree and we will hire you, now racism said you are over qualified for the position. 
  39. Racism told me they are terminating my contract for not accepting people who are not qualified for my treatments but yet you do not terminate the Caucasian contracts. 
  40. Racism told me that as a black woman, I don’t know what racism is and that I have it all wrong, racial harassment abuse is not discrimination.
  41. Racism Kim told me you cannot afford to even fix your car, so how in the world can you afford to pay for another garage. 
  42. Racism is trying to find a way to get me evicted even when I have complied to every real and fake rules, policies, and procedures at my apartment complex, this is what sneaky discrimination and racism look like. 
  43. Racism and Racial Harassment is defined how Kim Gonzalez, Jeannette, and Jay is treating me and my family for the past few months and as we speak. 
  44. Racism is a white attorney telling a black woman, that he does not see racism or discrimination in my situation. 
  45. The new face of racism tries to hide racism, cover up racism, well I am here to pull the covers off of racism #speakout #callitout

The new face of racism tries to hide racism

The new face of racism tries cover up racism or try to make a black person feel racism is not racism, when we know what racism is. But I don’t care what they try to hide or call it, I am calling the crap the new faces of racism. Until white men and women are treated disproportionate way blacks are treated in American, across other countries and continents, they will never know or understand how it feels to be discriminated against almost on a daily basis, in almost every aspect of their lives, business, cars, houses, customers, positions, tenants, at the stores, etc.Caucasians you might Not get the memo on what I am talking about because you don’t have to deal with racism on a daily basis but most black people do and other minority races may have encountered some of these sneaky racial tactics as well. 

No matter how you put or say it racism is racism.

Cake is a cake no matter what shape or coloring is used; it is still called a cake. A shoe is a shoe no matter what foot you it on. Clothes are called clothes no matter who wears them and Racism is Racism not matter how people try to dress it up, fix it up, or cover it up. It has to called out EVERYDAY in EVERYWAY.

 The Dark Evil Faces of Racism

Racism is Kimberly Gonzalez telling me if I can’t even afford to get my car fix, how will I be able to afford a $100 garage? This is what tenant discrimination looks like in this day and time it doesn’t have to be calling me the N to be racial discrimination and racial harassment. This is what the new bullying racism bullying looks like when you question their authority and call out their lies.  So, it wasn’t enough for Kim to call the police on a black woman for requesting a garage but she continues to discriminate hatred towards me every month. I pay over $2000 in rent at my apartment now have been paying about the same amount of rent at every apartment that I leased since moving to Houston in 2015. I have never been evicted for anything Glory to God. I may have been late a few times after the 3rd of the month. I pray to God that I never have to run into another Kim, Jay or Jeanette but if I do, I will call Racism out again.

Allied Orion Property Management has done nothing to tame the beast Racism, they are apart of the problem. Racism is ignored.

Yes, I have contacted Allied Orion Group the property management company of my apartment. They have not even looked into my complaint that I filed with them back in Aug 2019 this is the new face of racism, ignoring black people complaints when they are being mistreated on your property. Shame on you Orion Group.

Racism Hurts and It is Painful

Being treated this way is very hurtful, demeaning, and disheartening. I will Not continue to let Kim, Jeanette and Jay, or whoever else is in that office continue discriminate or single me and my family out. This is why I am putting my truth out with videos and audios to embarrass this type of behavior because it we don’t care about our lives and how we are treated who will? Orion and Kim don’t care. I am tired of Caucasian people telling me what racism is or is not. I know when I am being treated unfairly and this is one of those situations that racial harassment and racial discrimination abuse needs to be called out and shamed out, and confronted right here in the Public. Vile and vicious discriminatory acts must put on display for the Public to hear and see what is the new face of racism looks like. 







If you have a story tell me what Racism told you #speakout and #callitout

A Caucasian person using the N word is not the only type of racism out here. You cannot contain Racism and put it in one box and defined it in one way. Racism attacks and its evil snaky, sneaky ways, comes in many sneaky shapes, sizes, and forms now. Caucasian people please stop telling me what racism is I know when discrimination happens to me. If you know when discrimination happens to you #speakout and #callitoutMore videos like this click here

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