Class Action Lawsuit Against
Class Action Lawsuit Against

Attention Mortgage Underwriters:

Class Action Lawsuit Against Sutherland Global Was Accepted and Approved 

Mortgage Underwriters Class Action Lawsuit Against Sutherland Global Was Accepted and Approved this past Monday Feb 17, 2020. Attorney Anthony Lazzaro called today and stated they will move forward with this Class Action Lawsuit Against Sutherland Global for mortgage underwrites who worked off the clock and was never paid. I just signed the Class Action Lawsuit on Tuesday Feb 18, 2020.  

I (Tracey) will be spearheading this movement starting today. So if you want to get paid contact me in advance it you want more details or if you feel more comfortable talking with Attorney Lazzro you may contact him directly. Either way we want everyone to paid if you worked at Sutherland Global and worked or the clock or is working off the clock. 

Hold Tight Your PayDay Is Coming

Please remember anything we discuss about the case will remain confidential and will not be released in these news articles. I want Attorney Lazaro to get as much money as possible out of these dead beat mother f#ckers so I don’t want to release too much information. Please Call Attorney Anthony Lazzaro @ 216-696-5000 everything is kept confidential. 

I Am On Your Side

Just know everyone that was never paid by Sutherland Global we are on your side. I am sick of being hush month about and scared to talk and speak up.

If I never get another job in the mortgage industry, oh well I don’t give a f#ck. I will feel better about myself knowing that I stood up to this b#ches and helped othes to get paid as well. This feels amazing to finally to stand up for myself and others. My dignity and self respect means more to than a paycheck. Who in this world wants to work for free now a days? Lord forgive me for saying this but even the slaves got a meal and a placed to lay their head. I didn’t get anything besides bills piling up because I did not receive my last paycheck, like these liars promised. I am talking to you Veronica Connor and Rolando Vazquez HR Manager.  

 Knowing I didn’t go out like a punk or coward with my head tucked between my legs brings me even more satisfaction. I am tired of being scared, intimidated, and walked on and over. After 25 years of this mortgage sh#t it is time to do something about these companies who take advantage of their employees.

I am putting Sutherland Global and Flagstar Bank on Blast. We are not your door mats so stop thinking you stomp on our heads, talk to us any type of way and we suppose to run away scared. Not. #enoughisenough #suetheirass, Hitting their sorry asses in the pocket were it hurts is the only commentary companies like this will get the message. Treating your employees  like shit will get your pockets lit.  

Class Action Lawsuit Will Soon Be Filed With The Courts

The Class Action Lawsuit will be filed with the court soon. Even if you come in the lawsuit at a later date you can still claim your funds even after the lawsuit but why wait if you can do it now. 

If you would rather contact me first (Tracey) and talk before you contact  Attorney Anthony Lazzaro you are welcome to email me at Please anything we talk about is confidential unless you give ne the ok to write about it. 

Good News If were an contract mortgage underwriter for Sutherland Global and worked on the flagstar bank project and you worked off the clock for Sutherland Global and was never paid please contact Anthony J. Lazzaro immediately and get your money that is owed to you.

Attorney Lazzaro has settled cases for well known companies like

Mr. Lazzaro founded The Lazzaro Law Firm, LLC in 2006

1-800-Flowers, Inc., Aarons, Inc., Aldi, Inc., Forever 21, Nestlé, Papa John’s USA, Inc., Progressive Casualty Insurance, and RadioShack Corp. Many of these cases received local and national press coverage in publications including The Plain Dealer, Crain’s Cleveland Business, The Wall Street Journal, and Law360.

There were also other mortgage underwriters that worked off the clock during the time I worked at Sutherland Global and were never paid as well. they are included in the class action lawsuit. But I won’t mention their names to protect their privacy.  Now my over $12k Sutherland Global owes me has now turned into millions hopefully billions dollar Lawsuit”

I remember during the interview all Veronica talked about was retiring in a few years from Sutherland. Once this lawsuit is filed, we will see about that. How is it fair for her to live life high off a hog but make her employees suffer by working off the clock without ever being paid. We would like to retire someday too. But how in the hell can we, when she helps companies like Sutherland condone this type of unlawful behavior.

Veronica Connor if you are reading this you will reap what you have sown. She will definitely remember my name until the day she retires.

Veronica Conner 2nd degree connection2nd Veronica has a account Associate Manager of UW Risk and Compliance Katy, Texas 44 connections Contact info
Photo: Veronica Conner

I am truly disgusted that Veronica and her team lead Tom Graham can sit back and continue to get their paychecks, while my account is in the negative, who does things like this and how in the world can they sleep at night. The $12,000 and some change was suppose to be my last paycheck from Sutherland Global, but because these motherfuckers jimped me, I blew the whistle on they ass and I don’t give a damn who knows either. I know it will take a few years to receive my pay but it will be all worth in the end. It will come at the right time. I won’t be able to buy in a house until two years after my Bankruptcy, this should be perfecting time, because the case should be settled by then. 

OMG it just pisses me the fu!k off that Veronica Connor and Tom Graham
Photo: Tom Graham underwriting team lead at Sutherland Global
have been doing this to many mortgage underwriters for the past 41/2 years. They act like they have done nothing wrong. They tried to brainwash us into believing doing 10-17 files a day, answering 20-40 emails a day, and completing 2 types of reports which are called the securization and procedural error report can get done in 8 hours. Plus we had to complete Sutherland Global training and Flagstar training. Can someone please tell me how are we suppose to get all this week done in 8 hours and still produce quality files?

Technical System Issues

Then there were also technical issues in the system Mortrac P8, LP, DU, and so many more problems that we all dealt with on a daily basis. All underwriters wear many hats, that we are defiantly not getting paid for.

Sutherland and Flagstar Used Brainwashing Tactics and Strategies To Control Their Mortgage Underwriters

They never fooled me with that crap. I been in the game over 25 years and this amount of work requires overtime but they just refused to pay us. The work had to get done in the SLA time of 24 hours, so this mean we had to work off the clock.

Overtime Was Requested By The Mortgage Underwriters

But Rejected 98% Of The Time

All the mortgage underwriters would ask for overtime but it was rarely granted. Sometimes we were approved for 1 or 2 hours of overtime at a time. I am like what in the world am I going to do with this two hours. I need more like 10 hours a day. A total of 18 hours I am working in a day to get these files underwritten in the customers’ SLAs of 24 hours. Maybe we granted overtime 2 0r 3 times but never over two hours.

More Time Needed To Complete the Massive Work Overload

We all needed more than 2-3 hours to complete these type of underwriting. I have never experience underwriting quite like this and don’t ever want to work for these two companies ever again.
Flagstar and Sutherland slave drive their workers and use intimidation tactics to keep the underwriters mouths sealed.  All who was involved in this nasty little cover up will reap the nasty dirty seeds that they have sown”

Tom Graham

Tom Graham Teamlead at Sutherland
I wasn’t going to really bring Tom into this but that last day of work as I was trying to decision a loan they snatched my underwriting authority so I could not work. I was a little confused but enventually I figured out what was going on. Henpecked, bi#ch ass mammas boy Tom, will do anything Veronica says, even though he knows it was wrong. I know he wants to keep his job because he has a family to feed but my God 4 1/2 years, they have been doing this to people. Sutherand and Flagstar Bank has had this contract for 4 1/2 years does nothing and condone this behavior. When you go against the grain, then Flagstar Bank will sock it to the mortgage underwriter as well. So we are getting double teamed in this nasty toxic ass people. The moral is absoutley henrendous and I barely survived. If it was not for my the grace and mercies of God, my therapists, along with a host of friends, and family supporting me through this, there is no telling where I would be now.
Sutherland was only trying to get rid of me because I called them out on their sh!t. #hellnoIamnotscared #speakup and #speakout.
Working My Ass To The Bones
I worked my ass off until I was sick like a dog with pneumonia and almost lost my life sprawled out on my floor for God knows how long because of these sorry axx bast!rds. I don’t have crap to show for it. #suetheirass and #Idontgiveafuck. I am so sick physically, mentally, and finacially bankrupt because of companies like this taking advantage of their employees. 
Veronica Conner 2nd degree connection2nd Veronica has a account Associate Manager of UW Risk and Compliance Katy, Texas 44 connections Contact info
Veronica Conner 2nd degree connection2nd Veronica has a account Associate Manager of UW Risk and Compliance Katy, Texas 44 connections Contact info

Therapy and The Healing Process

This makes me feel good when I write things out so  this is my therapy instead of going a psychiatrist and spend thousand of dollars, I used my news platform to get embarrass these types of companies. Sometime I just want to scream it pisses me off but I instead I keep my wits about myself and let the attorneys handle. This settlement won’t do me any good if I have a psychotic mental breakdown that leads me into physco ward for many years. So I try to stay calm, cool, and collected. I meditate to control my emotions everyday, while I going through this grueling and everlasting class action lawsuit.  

Apology To My Readers 

Sorry guys and girls. This is fresh on the brain. Off of the press because it  just happened last month. I will get over this soon but for right now, I will write about it until I feel I am healed.
I am definitely wounded mentally and physically. I am mentally exhausted due to the massive of amount of time I put into Sutherland and Flagstar and I didn’t get anything out of this but a bunch of over due bills because they won’t pay me or others. Sutherland and Flagstar talked and treated us like we were pure stupid people. Whenever we did something wrong they blamed us the underwriter. But they need to be blaming themselves because they gave us no option to obtain clean quality files because of the massive amount of work we had to do on a daily basis.

The Caculated Manipulated War

Between The Customers and The Mortgage Underwriters Conjured Up By

Flagstar Bank Underwriting Support Team 

Some of Flagstar leaders, staff, loan officers, and underwriting support were all nasty. Underwriting support team was supposed to be peacemakers between the customer and underwriter. But most of the time they would try to manipulate war between the mortgage underwriters and the customer (broker, loan officers, and processors). I never stooped to their level. I always maintained a professional aura and sent professional emails during these hostile situations. 
Many Days of Crying and Sadness With So Many Heartaches and Pain
Of course some days I cried because I had to grin and bare some of the shit in order to pay my bills. It kills my spirit when people try to take advantage of my nice decorum. I took crap from both companies Sutherland Global and the Flagstar team. It was absolutely a horrid experience how they would doubled team me with their threatening and intimidation tactics. Somedays I just wanted to scream but instead I called my therapist for support. In addition I talked with friends and family, who help me to stay calm during this horrific slave-like treatment. So please excuse me but I am steal in the healing process and is very hurt. Right now I just need to get this out in the open.

When Death Was Knocked At My Door I Did Not Answer 

My body was very healthy before I started with Sutherland Global on this Flagstar Contract. Because I worked long days and nights for weeks with barely any sleep. My immune system started to break down, which left my body open and substible to germs that came along. I started getting sick the end of Oct or first of Nov 2019. Right before my birthday Dec 6, I was sprawled out on the floor for hours. I can not tell you how long I laid there unconscious but I finally came too, but I was so weak. I could barely dragg myself off the house to even get to a Dr. But that day I was diagnosed with pnemonia.

My doctor said I know how these jobs can literally make people sick mentally and physically.  She stated she hears patients all the time singing the same tune I am singing. As I was telling her what happened, she begin shaking her head with a lite smile, like baby girl I already know what you happened, you don’t have to tell because I hear it all the time. 

That day I made a personal decision to put an end to this type of imitimdation treatment.  I sent Veronica Connor and Thomas Graham an email and said I can not longer work off the clock and not be paid. If Flagstar wants the work done, then will have to pay me. The email to this commentary is in my first post. You may click this link “whistleblower”you may view it at the bottom of that article.

I have heard Dr Phil stated many times, you have to teach people how to treat you and if you don’t they will take advantage of you and walk all over you.

Class Action Lawsuit Against
Class Action Lawsuit Against

This was my attempts to stand up to the bullies. #standuptobullies 


Venting Keeps Me Off Proxac

Writing Is My Therapy To Staying Mentally, Spirtually, Physically Healthy

Venting keeps me off of Prozac and other medicine I know my therapist will put me on, if they continue seeing my mental health deteriorate. These pills put me in a Zomby like mood.  I absolutely hate taking any type of pills. I feel nothing. I am like a empty hollow barrel when it comes to those depression and anxiety pills.
Writing these articles is enough therapy for me. It will be even better when this lawsuit is over so I can collect my check and be done with this nasty ruthless low-down dirty mother fuckers, who don’t pay their employees for working off the clock. #sutherlandshameonyou
If you need to start from the beginning to figure out what I am talking about, please click this link to read my article WhistleBlower of Sutherland Global.  This article is about Sutherland Global and their employees who work off the clock and never get paid.
Photo Class Action Lawsuit Against
Lord please forgive me and help me to heal internally and mentally. Give me the strength so I can continue to pray for my enemies those who has spitefully used me and never paid me #sutherlandglobal
Your comments are welcome below 

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